Young people, why you must start investing now

dateDec 12, 2022
updateApr 06, 2022
Young people, why you must start investing now
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If you use the wrong method to save money, not only will you not be able to save money, but the money will become less and less. Putting money in the bank

Ayu is 32 years old this year. He has worked in a foreign packaging factory for 8 years, with a monthly salary of 50,000 yuan (night shift), and his wife's monthly salary of 30,000 yuan, plus their year-end bonus. My child, I don’t have a mortgage for renting a house at present, but I have a car loan of 600,000 yuan. After deducting the rent, car loan, nanny fee, filial piety expenses, living expenses... After deducting the monthly rent, there is not much left. Looking at the rising housing prices, I want to buy The idea of a house to settle down seems to be an unattainable dream. Maybe you don’t have a rich dad, so you need to invest in financial management as soon as possible. The following are the reasons why you must start investing immediately:

Inflation is eating your income

It is better to enjoy life and pursue small fortunes, and not to sacrifice the quality of life because of saving money, but do you feel it? All the necessities of life, such as chicken chops, coffee, bubble tea, toilet paper, etc., all visible and usable things have quietly increased in price. Prices will not stop rising just because you decide to become a "lying family" and will continue to adjust Rising prices are devouring the quality of life that you thought would not change. You must start investing and managing money to resist inflation.

avoid being a dirty old man

When the population is aging, young people are unwilling to have children, old people are living longer, and social welfare conditions are getting worse, don’t think that the embarrassment of living on the streets and receiving social assistance funds will not happen to you, the National Development Council It is estimated that by 2040, every two young and middle-aged adults will have to support an elderly person or child. In the past, a father could support a family by working alone. Now let alone a family, he can hardly even support himself. , When you get old and gradually lose the ability to work, an accident will make you a "dirty old man". Investment can allow you to keep your assets, stay away from the dirty old man, and avoid becoming a social burden.

"Dirty old man" is a new term that appeared in Japan, and "dirty old man" refers to an old man who lives a low-class life.

There are people who want to buy a house

If you have not been scared to death by housing prices, and have not given up the idea of buying a house, then you should start investing immediately, make a simple and achievable investment plan, and implement investment in a long-term and disciplined way. Buying a house is for those who are willing to invest , will not be an unattainable dream, it just takes time to accumulate, but for people who love to complain, love to blame things, and just talk but not practice, it is indeed a fantasy. Buffett famously said: "Investment is like a snowball. Find a slope with wet snow and a long slope, and the snowball will get bigger and bigger.” Young people’s greatest asset is time, and the earlier you start, the better your chances of rolling out profitably.

Buffett famously said: "Investing is like rolling a snowball. Find a slope with wet snow and a long slope, and the snowball will get bigger and bigger."

Those looking to achieve financial freedom

What is Financial Freedom? It is the popular FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) in recent years, "Financial Independence, Retire Early". Financial freedom means "enough money to spend without working." "What you want to do", if the salaried class wants to achieve financial freedom, you must invest in financial management. It is not for you to start a business and become Guo Taiming or Zhang Zhongmou, but for you to understand financial knowledge, accumulate assets through investment knowledge, and make passive income Achieve Your Financial Freedom (FIRE).
FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) is "financial independence, early retirement"

Doing nothing is when the risk is highest

Parents often tell us that venture capital investment is very dangerous and there is a risk of bankruptcy. They use their failure experience to advise you not to invest lightly in starting a business, as long as you work hard, so that you only dare to put money in bank fixed deposits. Only dare to buy savings insurance, do nothing at the age when you should invest and manage money most, or make a wrong decision. At first glance, there is no loss. In fact, doing nothing is the most risky time, because your 1 million (no more investment), 35 years later it will be 14.78 million (calculated with 8% compound interest), if you do nothing, so 1 million is still 1 million, and it may be because of price inflation that 1 million is only 800,000 purchasing power.
It is not difficult to invest 8% in the long term. Taking Yuanta ETF 0050 as an example, the 15-year annualized rate of return is about 8% - 11%.
Note: Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Save 7148 yuan per month, and it will reach 14.8 million in 35 years
Saving 7148 yuan per month can reach 14.8 million
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in conclusion

For the ruthless treatment of the world, you helplessly use "lay flat" as a silent protest, but can lying flat really change anything? Nothing can be changed. If you are tired, just lie down and rest, but please don’t lie down all the time, because doing nothing is the most risky time. If you want to be happier and richer in the future, you can buy a house. You can have money to do what you want to do, don’t want to be a social burden, and live the life of a dirty old man, so from now on, please make a little change, start trying to save money and invest, a few thousand yuan a month is fine, please It is not an easy thing to make time the biggest weapon in asset accumulation, but it is never too late to start.

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