2023 Taiwan's top 10 e-commerce platforms recommended

dateJul 04, 2023
updateAug 04, 2024
2023 Taiwan's top 10 e-commerce platforms recommended
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This article selects and filters out 10 high-quality and stable Chinese platforms for shopping websites commonly used by Taiwanese users. Business platform

Pre-Analytical Instructions

  • The main choice is an e-commerce platform that can be set up for free and register a domain name at the same time.
  • The selected shopping website operations can all be completed in the background of the web page.
  • The background and the e-commerce website itself provide Chinese as the main selection item.
  • The analysis of the smoothness of setting up a shopping website may be subjective. Readers are advised to actually use the platform and evaluate whether it meets their needs.
  • Platforms that do not provide the Chinese language family are excluded.
  • Use of platforms with similar functionality and features is excluded.
  • Platforms with ordinary functions and relatively positive construction results are excluded.
  • The order of introduction of articles is not equal to the ranking of e-commerce platforms. Readers need to understand their own needs to choose a suitable platform.
  • If there is any shopping website building platform that is not mentioned, please contact us, we will add relevant information after evaluation.
  • The source of the content of this article is the official website of each platform, the network information of various countries and the actual operation of the editor.
  • The editor tries to explain and analyze from an objective point of view, some content will add subjective opinions, please forgive me.
  • These 10 shopping websites are selected and evaluated, and considered to be worthy of recommendation.

Website construction - analysis project

  • Introduce the basic information of the e-commerce platform: including the basic introduction of the platform, charging plan, features, all services provided, etc.
  • analyze "Use function" : In addition to the basic building modules and shopping functions, the functions also include expansion functions, backup functions, e-commerce extension marketing functions, etc.
  • analyze "Ease of Operation" : Analyze whether the backend of the e-commerce website is easy to operate through actual operations and referring to network data.
  • analyze "Demand Elasticity" : From the actual operation and network data collection, analyze the change flexibility of web page code.
  • analyze "efficacy" : Use a third-party analysis tool to measure the performance level of the shopping website case.
  • analyze "SEO Function Friendliness" : Take a comprehensive look at the actual operation of the shopping website, the official website information of the e-commerce platform, and other network information to sort out the information about SEO-related functions.

1. Cyberbiz


Established: 2014

Official website: https://www.cyberbiz.io/

Extensions: No extensions are available.

Backup function: You can enable backup by setting Authenticator Backups.

Services provided: cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce agent operation, fast delivery, OMO integration, e-commerce platform erection, POS, e-commerce warehousing, advertising marketing, cross-border blog, etc.

Suitable brand owners: B2B, customized products, retail industry, products with specifications, virtual products, etc.

basic introduction

Cyberbiz mainly provides all-round services such as enterprise brand official website management and establishment, e-commerce warehousing, smart POS one-stop service, and gold logistics, and advocates the integration of the three essential core functions for retailers. Well-known brands such as Zhengguanzhuang, FILA, Canon, Black Pine Biotechnology, etc. all use Cyberbiz as their official shopping website.

Set up a website plan

Cyberbiz's e-commerce platform solutions are divided into: Professional, Advanced, Master, and Enterprise , and provide users with a 30-day free trial. The paid version provides different levels of functions and services according to the plan, such as: SSL certificates, promotional shopping guide functions, membership-related functions, cash flow services, logistics services, etc., and also includes basic commodities and Website content editing function.

Cyberbiz Solution

Function analysis of e-commerce platform

The background function of the Cyberbiz shopping website has a brand shopping official website e-commerce system , can master commodity management, integrate cash flow (including credit card, supermarket code, electronic invoice issuance, virtual ATM, mobile payment, cash on delivery, etc.), combined with physical store checkout machine (POS system), can integrate physical store with Integrate consumer-related information in the online store channel, so that enterprises can easily plan accurate and perfect full-channel operation, unify all marketing activities, membership management, etc., and provide warehousing and logistics services, not only one-stop import and export, but also the background of the website In terms of marketing and promotion, it integrates Koo.live live broadcast platform, affiliate marketing platform, community platform, and Google-related platforms, so that the status of all marketing channels can be grasped and implemented through one e-commerce platform.

SEO function analysis

Cyberbiz's SEO features include META description filling fields, page tags, img alt, URL customization, navigation bar settings, text content editor, and page details can be edited through HTML and CSS, which retains part of the flexible needs of customers control space. In addition, in the background setting, you can directly input the codes of Google-related marketing tools into the field for concatenation, which is very convenient.

Website PSI architecture detection

The results of Cyberbiz shopping sites tested by the PSI framework are relatively low , and the website itself has a basic structure, if users want the SEO structure of the e-commerce platform to be complete, they can go to the website setting interface to edit the code of each page.

Cyberbiz PSI

2. Shopline


Established: 2013

Official website: https://shopline.tw/

Extensions: Officially, there are a small number of extensions that require an additional fee for use.

Backup function: the system will automatically back up.

Services provided: e-commerce platform establishment, cross-border e-commerce, POS, community shopping, word-of-mouth marketing, digital advertising, POS hardware sales, etc.

Suitable brand owners: B2B, retail, products with specifications, virtual products, etc.

basic introduction

Shopline was founded in Hong Kong, integrating shopping website system for virtual reality , is currently the brand with the highest market share in Asia, with more than 500,000 users. The company claims that it hopes to use the Shopline platform to promote entrepreneurs to practice entrepreneurship, and to help small and medium-sized enterprises in the market face the challenges of the digital market. challenge.

Set up a website plan

Shopline's website construction plans are divided into: online store novice, e-commerce expert, O2O master, and omni-channel master plan. The free plan provides users with a 14-day full-featured trial. Each payment plan will provide different levels of advanced functions and benefits. Functional items include: basic content management and design, product inventory management system, cash flow and logistics management, order and operation management, customer management, discount modules, community integration , POS system, etc.

Shopline plan

Function analysis of e-commerce platform

Shopline focuses on e-commerce functions. When listing products, you can not only set product-related information, add categories, but also understand the inventory status. , the functions of this part can be said to be quite comprehensive, suitable for users who sell multiple types of products. In addition, the website can also create corporate blog content, strengthen the production of content marketing, can open a blank page to arrange the page content style by itself, and can also directly select the template in the advanced page, and there is no need to use code for detailed style writing. And because Shopline has a variety of basic functions, e-commerce functions, and other extended and advanced functions, there are many background categories, and novices will need a period of learning and adaptation to use it.

SEO function analysis

In terms of SEO functions, Shopline can set the title format, META description, custom URL, automatically generate Sitemap, 404 page function, internal link settings, navigation bar creation, etc. Marketing tools such as GA4 and Google Ads can be quickly connected in the tracking settings. The disadvantage is that the page content label can only be set on the product page, and the picture ALT needs to be written in HTML.

Website PSI architecture detection

Shopline's website passed the PSI structure test and the result was low , the performance is mainly affected by the Javascipt code and image format, and the advanced payment plan can add structured data through the extension function, and the online store novice payment plan cannot manually add data.

Shopline performance

3. Shopify


Established: 2006

Official website: https://www.shopify.com/tw

Extended functions: Officially, there are a variety of extended program functions that require additional fees for use.

Backup function: CSV files can be exported through the background management interface to back up information.

Services provided: E-commerce platform establishment, POS, international business, APP operation, etc.

Suitable brand owners: B2B, retail, goods with specifications, virtual goods, those who have their own shopping APP, etc.

basic introduction

Shopify is one of the world's largest e-commerce sites , the sales platform functions include websites, retail stores and mobile devices, providing a comprehensive e-commerce platform for millions of merchants, assisting in the establishment, operation and development of related businesses, and advocating diversification of business forms, providing a more complete business experience, Reduce the hassle of setting up a website.

Set up a website plan

Shopify's website construction plans are divided into: basic version, Shopify version, and advanced version. The free plan can be tried for 3 days to experience all the detailed features of Shopify. The paid version will provide different levels of advanced functions according to the plan, including basic content management, international business project management, product management, customer screening and management, etc., and also supports physical store POS system connection.

Shopify plan

Function analysis of e-commerce platform

When I first started to actually operate Shopify, I was confused by the way of editing item categories in the background, and it was not easy to find exactly the functions I wanted to use. In terms of layout design, the official provides a variety of templates for users to choose from. The style is simple, and the adjustment range of design customization is ordinary. Users need to understand the code to further change the layout design details. If they do not understand the code, they can still use the new block. Editing content, the disadvantage is that the editor function is relatively simple and standard.

SEO function analysis

Shopify's SEO function can not only customize the URL, img alt, page label, META title and description, and create a navigation bar, but also has advanced functions such as robot.txt, Sitemap, website structure, and automatic generation of repeated content. Preference settings A GA4 code filling field has been set up to allow users to easily connect the website with marketing tools. Generally speaking, the SEO setting function provided by Shopify can be said to be relatively complete among e-commerce platforms.

Website PSI architecture detection

Shopify's score through the website PSI framework test is medium , the performance is mainly affected by the Javascipt code, and the website itself has a basic SEO structure. Users can edit the code in the main body of the background to add more complete structured information.

Shopify plan

4. Easystore


Established: 2013

Official website: http://www.easystore.co/zh-tw

Extended functions: The official provides a variety of free extensions.

Backup function: file backup information needs to be exported through the background management interface.

Services provided: affiliate marketing, POS, shopping websites, social e-commerce, mall integrated sales, cross-border e-commerce, multi-channel integrated sales, etc.

Suitable brand owners: Those who want to develop the Southeast Asian market, retail, wholesale, non-customized functions and virtual demand products, electronic product sales, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.

basic introduction

Easystore was founded in Malaysia and its main market is in Southeast Asia , and used by more than 50,000 brand merchants, it advocates helping new retail merchants successfully develop e-commerce brands, accelerate brand growth, and integrate online and offline sales through the services provided to improve management efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Set up a website plan

Easystore's e-commerce platform basic plan is divided into: lightweight, standard version, business version plan , mainly includes brand, community, conversational, live broadcast, mall, wholesale e-commerce sales channel management, as well as product and order management, marketing promotion, cash flow logistics management, customer and member management and other functions; while the professional plan is The POS system has been added, so that any device of the enterprise can use the POS system, and one-stop management of offline and online product sales. The shopping APP is mainly designed for customers, which is convenient for consumers to place orders and increase the repurchase rate.

Easystore plan

Easystore plan-1

Function analysis of e-commerce platform

Easystore's shopping website integrates the essential elements of multi-channel e-commerce store opening, helping enterprises to manage multi-channel business more efficiently. In addition to one-stop management of orders and product inventory of various channels, mastering basic relevant data, and membership management, it also provides a certain degree of website customization functions and flexible planning of marketing activities to improve customer loyalty. In addition, group purchase orders, Community e-commerce marketing such as conversational e-commerce and live broadcasting can also be easily completed.

SEO function analysis

All paid plans of Easystore include SEO search engine optimization related features , including exclusive domain customization, custom friendly URL, META description, setting Canonical tags, making a friendly SEO website structure, automatically generating Sitemap, adding and editing robots.txt and HTML code, blog post content marketing, Integrate with Google marketing tools, structured data settings, picture alt and capture community OG tags, etc., to provide complete SEO optimization functions.

Website PSI architecture detection

Easystore's PSI architecture detection score is relatively low , is mainly affected by third-party code; the website itself does not have an SEO framework, and users must manually add relevant code to the background editing background theme interface.

Easystore performance



Established: 2015

Official website: https://www.waca.net/

Extensions: Officially provide a variety of extensions, mainly installed in the Google Chrome browser.

Backup function: order data will be backed up.

Services provided: shopping website store opening, POS, integration services, etc.

Suitable brand owners: retail industry, virtual product industry, customized products, etc.

basic introduction

WACA is a shopping website store opening service company specially established for small and medium-sized brands in Taiwan , advocating that all high-quality products, brand concepts and unique services can be seen by the whole world and lower the threshold for opening online stores. Well-known brands such as lativ, Telly House, NET..., etc., all use WACA as their official website. business platform.

Set up a website plan

WACA's shopping website construction solutions are divided into: Lightweight, Professional, Enterprise and Premium Edition solutions , All solutions have a variety of website design templates to choose from, and also have SEO optimization functions, FB and IG business suites, domestic and foreign financial logistics services, data tracking, encrypted domain functions and online learning courses for users to use. Each version of the plan will give different levels of access to basic store opening support functions, product management functions, order management, marketing activities, customer management, data statistics, integrated services and other functions.

WACA program

Function analysis of e-commerce platform

The WACA background can perform all order management tasks such as adding, editing SEO settings, language settings, product management, warehouse management, generating orders and shipping orders, promotion profit sharing management, promotional activity execution, EDM sending, member management, and page content Marketing management, sales status data reports, one-stop integration of marketing community platforms, POS and other work, and provide exclusive store opening consultants. Although the functions are quite diverse, it is a bit difficult to operate intuitively when actually using the platform, and the editing interface design is a bit messy , it is not easy to find the function to be operated at the moment.

SEO function analysis

WACA shopping website can carry out SEO functions such as META description writing, custom URL, custom classification, automatic generation of Sitemap, image replacement text, etc. , and can enter the marketing tool code to be set in the digital promotion project in the background, helping users to easily connect Google Analytics 4, Google Code Management Tool, Google Ads, and social platforms and other tools.

Website PSI architecture detection

WACA shopping website's PSI structure performance test results are not high , and is mainly affected by third-party programs. The website itself has a basic SEO structure. If you want to add structured data yourself, you can manually set it in the background.

WACA performance



Established: 2020

Official website: https://www.gogoshop.io/

Extensions: No extensions are available.

Backup function: You need to manually back up the shopping website data.

Services provided: e-commerce store opening system, shopping website erection, etc.

Suitable brand owners: one-page website, small retail, products with specifications, non-customization functions and products with virtual needs, etc.

basic introduction

GOGOSHOP is a Taiwanese company, and it is a relatively new e-commerce platform brand , the main focus is to provide users with one-stop e-commerce website services. The biggest advantage is that the monthly fee is cheap, there is no commission and no transaction fees. The basic and lightweight e-commerce service GOGOSHOP can meet the needs of users and is suitable for beginners. Small entrepreneurs or people who want to set up a one-page store.

Set up a website plan

GOGOSHOP's e-commerce platform website construction solutions are divided into: one-page store, light e-commerce, e-commerce official website, and all-around sales plan , the free plan provides users with a 30-day experience. All three payment plans provide basic common module functions, including: responsive website, free domain registration, SSL certificate, SEO optimization function, etc. In addition, cash flow connection, affiliate marketing system, blog function, logistics connection, marketing Extended functions such as functional modules and member management will be given different levels of usage permissions according to the plan.

GOGOSHOP program

Function analysis of e-commerce platform

The background system of GOGOSHOP shopping website advocates supporting diversified gold logistics services , such as: credit card payment, overseas cash flow, electronic invoice, supermarket, mobile payment, BNPL post-payment, etc., can also use the system's distribution mechanism to cooperate with partners of different alliance networks to help products sell well and have multiple marketing functions It also satisfies most of the operators who implement e-commerce marketing, including gift activities, membership grading system, community marketing, shopping rewards, plus zero transaction fees and wireless traffic, the CP value is quite high for small e-commerce operators.

SEO function analysis

GOGOSHOP provides basic SEO adding and editing functions, including META title and description writing, custom URL, image ALT, 404 page creation, 301 URL, navigation bar, site search, automatic generation of Sitemap, and operational analysis reports. In addition, in the application interface project in the background, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Merchant Center marketing tools can be connected in series, The functions in terms of SEO are simple and easy to operate, and all the basic functions are also available.

Website PSI architecture detection

Websites built using the GOGOSHOP e-commerce platform have relatively low PSI scores , mainly affected by the image format of the website, you need to check the file format and size before uploading. And the website itself has a basic SEO structure, if you want to customize the structured data of each page, it will not be able to execute.

GOGOSHOP performance



Established: 2018

Official website: https://shopstore.tw/

Extensions: No extensions are available.

Backup function: You need to manually backup by yourself.

Services provided: shopping website, e-commerce store opening system, etc.

Suitable brand owners: mainly retail stores, non-customized functions and virtual demand stores, etc.

basic introduction

SHOPSTORE is a shopping website construction company established in Taiwan It advocates that users can easily and quickly complete the store registration, and it is convenient to change the website design version. There are also a variety of cash flow methods that can be set and selected, and the RWD responsive design is adopted. Each device can clearly view the content of the website and purchase In addition, SHOPSTORE also has professional online consulting services, which can help users solve various problems in the operation of e-commerce platforms.

Set up a website plan

SHOPSTORE's basic website construction plans are divided into: free store opening for beginners, petty bourgeoisie store opening and flagship plan plan. The biggest feature of SHOPSTORE is that users can enjoy the functions of the most basic shopping website without paying an annual fee. It provides basic functions such as 24 product shelves, 4 sets of store styles and statistical reports, suitable for small stores; and The paid function mainly adds member management and feedback, Google and social marketing tools in series, sharing profit shopping guide functions and services, and provides different levels of functions and benefits for different plans.


Function analysis of e-commerce platform

The service items provided by SHOPSTORE are relatively pure, mainly to help users set up shopping websites and provide e-commerce platform management systems. And SHOPSTORE can satisfy users' basic e-commerce store opening functions, such as the ability to set up a dedicated domain, enjoy SSL certificates, customize the gold logistics process of the checkout page, store operation-related functions, Shopee product synchronization, message management, and provide various Optimized cash flow method, content marketing, social marketing integration, membership tiered marketing system, promotional event setting, shopping reward remarketing, to increase conversion rate and profit sharing, and the CP value is also very high in terms of function and price , if the store does not sell many products and has no special needs, you might as well use the free plan directly!

SEO function analysis

SEO information can be edited in the background of SHOPSTORE. The functions include: META description, custom CSS, page title format, img alt, new internal link, navigation bar creation, 301 forwarding, community link description, etc. If you are not a free plan user, you can enjoy Google Analytics e-commerce tracking, Sitemap submission, Google Tag Manager connection, Google Ads event conversion tracking, Facebook store connection, blog posts and other related functions, Help to understand more detailed data in the process of operating shopping websites, and carry out in-depth SEO optimization and analysis.

Website PSI architecture detection

SHOPSTORE builds a website through the website PSI structure detection tool, and the performance score shows a relatively low score. The website itself has basic structured information. The only pity is that users cannot edit the HTML code of each page, so there is no way to add more detailed website structured information.

SHOPSTORE performance

8. meepShop


Image source: meepShop official website

Established: 2013

Official website: https://www.meepshop.com/

Extended functions: The official provides multiple extended program functions, and some free and paid programs are provided.

Backup function: automatic backup every 24 hours.

Services provided: e-commerce platform system, shopping website, API connection, etc.

Suitable brand owners: those who need group buying, retail, one-page websites, profit-sharing promotion needs, etc.

basic introduction

meepShop is mainly established in Hong Kong , which focuses on assisting customers in setting up e-commerce stores, including one-page web design, Drag&Drop web page creation function, and exclusive Sky Eye function. The construction logic of the shopping website is similar to that of Lego, which can be combined into different layouts with blocks. In addition, meepShop also provides one-on-one consulting services before opening a store, allowing users to evaluate whether the platform can meet their needs before using the e-commerce platform.

Set up a website plan

meepShop's website construction schemes are divided into: silver magic lamp, gold magic lamp and diamond magic lamp. To obtain a free trial, you need to contact a professional to let the other party understand your needs and give advice on opening a store before providing a 15-day trial period. The biggest feature of meepShop is that no matter which plan you buy, you can use the same functions without any restrictions. The only difference between the two plans is the number of products that can be put on the shelves and the transaction fee.

meepShop plan

Function analysis of e-commerce platform

The functions of the meepShop shopping website can be roughly divided into five major items, including the milestone achievement function developed for group buying owners. Advertisers can accurately place advertisements, and then provide exclusive functions such as invisible stores, unlimited pages, and single-page independent URLs for one-page stores. The last is the general e-commerce website design function, covering Drag & Drop drag design function, the function of editing basic website content, marketing discount setting, marketing tool chaining, koo.live live broadcast function, EDM marketing, product management function, order Management functions, member management, gold logistics and customer services, It is very suitable for small and medium-sized e-commerce companies who want to implement initial cross-border e-commerce business.

SEO function analysis

meepShop has the most basic SEO functions such as custom slug URL, image alternative text, META description, domain setting, language setting, etc., and can easily connect various code management and advertising tracking tools. Due to the relationship between layout design, meepShop's website design and SEO are difficult to balance well at the same time. Users who understand HTML and CSS syntax can try to optimize the operation, and the effect will be more significant only if it is matched with a precise SEO marketing strategy.

Website PSI architecture detection

The results of the PSI architecture detected by the case of the meepShop shopping website are not high , mainly due to the impact of third-party code on performance. In addition, the website itself does not have an SEO framework, and it is necessary to add structured information through the syntax embedding function.

meepShop performance

9. GOSHOP101


Established: 2020

Official website: https://goshop101.com.tw/

Extensions: No extensions are available.

Backup function: Manual backup of data is required.

Services provided: e-commerce platform, enterprise SEO service, online reservation system, WordPress hosting, APP system integration, CRM customer relationship management system, POS, etc.

Suitable brand owners: one-page store, those who need the reservation function, those who intend to implement SEO marketing, content marketing implementation, affiliate marketing, retail industry, etc.

basic introduction

GOSHOP101 advocates the creation of shopping sites with non-disposable services , hope that through POS, APP, CRM system integration services, users' software and hardware equipment can be integrated, according to the situation of different companies, evaluate the most accurate SEO optimization services, and provide online booking functions that combine reality and reality, in line with users Broader needs, all-round assistance for enterprises to stand out in the industry.

Set up a website plan

GOSHOP101 shopping website solutions are divided into: basic version of e-commerce system, professional version of e-commerce system, professional version of reservation system, elite version of e-commerce and reservation system solution , all solutions include customized website design, responsive web design, SSL security certificate, 301 forwarding function, blog building system, and users can purchase additional services such as SEO consultant and POS system according to their needs.

GOSHOP101 Program

Function analysis of e-commerce platform

GOSHOP101 The background function planning of the e-commerce platform is quite satisfactory , including order management, customer and member management, member exclusive discount setting, product management, financial logistics connection, alliance marketing, extension marketing module and marketing tool connection, etc. Compared with other platforms, it can integrate the reservation system and APP system, and can also purchase professional SEO consulting services to expand the range of marketing types.

SEO function analysis

Since GOSHOP101 needs one-to-one consultation before it can customize store opening suggestions according to user needs, there is no way to actually observe and operate SEO-related functions in the background , but what we know is that GOSHOP101 pays more attention to web page content analysis, external link management, and keyword analysis for SEO, and develops content that has the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of website traffic, and regularly performs performance reviews once a month to regularly optimize web content .

Website PSI architecture detection

The case of GOSHOP101 shopping website has passed the test, and it can be known that the performance score is not high , Most of them are affected by third-party codes. In addition, some webpages have SEO structure, and users can only manually add structured data codes in the background.

GOSHOP101 Performance

10. QDM


Established: 2011

Official website: https://qdm.tw/

Extension function: The official extension program function is provided.

Backup function: There is a high probability that it cannot be automatically backed up.

Services provided: shopping websites, e-commerce platform systems, etc.

Suitable brand owners: retailers, suppliers, KOL shopping guides, profit-sharing marketing, petty sellers, sales of variant products, etc.

basic introduction

QDM is an e-commerce platform brand established in Taiwan, with the purpose of "let you always have a home with a sense of belonging no matter where you are!" , and uphold the service spirit of "open first, then pay", the purpose is to hope that users can build their own shopping websites, so that each e-commerce platform can have its own recognition, and add a sense of belonging to the brand enterprise .

Set up a website plan

QDM's shopping website plans are divided into: 0%, 2% and 5% plans. The calculation method is quite special. Users do not need to pay monthly fees, but only need to pay annual fees and platform transaction fees as commissions , and there is no need to pay additional fees for unlocking the functions. All the functions that can be used in all plans are the same. The maintenance fee is more conducive to these novice groups who can easily start e-commerce business.

QDM scheme

Function analysis of e-commerce platform

QDM emphasizes a friendly interface, and the background editing function is convenient for those who do not understand programming , the website functions also include basic functions such as order management, member management, custom CSS, LINE all-round marketing, setting banners and side advertisements, gold logistics management, etc., and provide SEG automatic focus marketing activities to make the focus and shopping guide of the website It can be completed in one stop, and it is also convenient to implement KOL influencer distribution and remarketing. The disadvantage is that the front and back of the website are not stable, and the layout design is relatively simple.

SEO function analysis

QDM provides SEO functions such as custom URL, RWD, SSL security certificate, new label, navigation bar setting, img alt, automatic generation of Sitemap, basic web page structured data, site search and Google marketing tools, and At the same time, it gives users a block to perform blog content marketing and complete basic SEO marketing work.

Website PSI architecture detection

QDM's website PSI structure detection scores are all low , the performance score may be improved a bit after image compression, and the website itself has a basic SEO structure, and can manually add structured data by itself.

QDM performance

E-commerce Platform - Analysis and Summary

The backends of the 10 recommended shopping websites are all Chinese interfaces, free to set up, and the main e-commerce platform set up . E-commerce functions such as: gold logistics, marketing tools, product management, order management, simple data analysis and other basic functions are similar. The difference lies in the scope of product sales. SHOPLINE and SHOPIFY pay more attention to cross-border sales, and their market share is relatively small. Also relatively high. If users want to build a shopping website through a free platform, you may wish to learn about the cost plans, ease of operation, and functions provided by the 10 e-commerce platform tools we recommend above. (such as: layout design, SEO, e-commerce function)..., And consider your own needs and budget to choose a platform. In addition, the performance of most free shopping website tools is relatively poor, and the program adjustment flexibility is not large. In addition, most of them provide basic SEO functions, making it difficult for the website to rank well. Executing SEO is very focused on "site structure", "site content" and "site links" , You can use a high-ranking website + shopping platform to solve this problem. The e-commerce platform can ask a web design company to design and assemble it.
〈Extended reading: 2023 Taiwan's top 10 web design companies recommended

Comparison table of 10 common e-commerce platform tools
type Price (unit: month) Corporate Services system integration SEO performance SEO function
Cyberbiz 2500-6000 yuan Cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce agent operation, marketing promotion, e-commerce platform erection, e-commerce warehousing, advertising marketing, cross-border blog, etc. POS integration, OMO integration, third-party platform integration lower Has basic SEO features
Shopline About 3000-7800 yuan E-commerce platform establishment, cross-border e-commerce, community shopping, word-of-mouth marketing, digital advertising, POS hardware sales, etc. POS integration, O2O integration, full channel integration lower With basic functions, some work can be done through extended functions
Shopify About 600-9300 yuan E-commerce platform establishment, POS, international business, APP operation, etc. POS integration, system and APP integration medium More complete function
Easystore Basic plan: 399-2599 yuan Professional plan: 2999-7999 yuan Affiliate marketing, POS, shopping websites, social e-commerce, mall integrated sales, cross-border e-commerce, multi-channel integrated sales, etc. POS integration, multi-channel integration lower More complete function
WACA 599-8099 yuan Shopping website store opening, POS, integration services, etc. POS integration, cross-channel member integration lower with basic functions
GOGO SHOP 400-2800 yuan E-commerce store opening system, shopping website erection, etc. O2O integration lower Provides basic functions, easy to operate interface
SHOPSTORE 0-3999 yuan E-commerce store opening system, shopping website erection, etc. Cash flow integration, community integration lower with basic functions
meepShop 2500-12000 yuan E-commerce platform system, shopping website, API connection, etc. POS, CRM, ERP integration, O2O integration through API connection lower Provides only basic functionality
GOSHOP101 About 3333-5000 yuan E-commerce platform, enterprise SEO service, online appointment system, WordPress hosting, APP system integration, CRM customer relationship management system, POS, etc. POS integration, O2O integration lower Provides basic functionality, with advisory services available for an additional fee
QDM 0%, 2% or 5% from the platform order transaction fee Shopping websites, e-commerce platform systems, etc. LINE FOR BUSINESS Business integration lower with basic functions

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