2023 Taiwan's Top 10 Free Website Setup Recommendations

dateJun 30, 2023
updateJan 01, 2024
2023 Taiwan's Top 10 Free Website Setup Recommendations
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This article selects the top 10 free website building platforms commonly used by users, analyzes the prices, functions provided, usage flexibility, SEO per

Pre-Analytical Instructions

  • The main recommendation is to choose a website building platform that can set up a website for free.
  • The website building platform tool is based on the ability to create an independent website.
  • The analysis of the smooth operation of the website platform is more subjective, and readers are advised to use it and feel it.
  • Exclude the selection of content communities and online article platforms.
  • Platforms with similar functions and features are excluded.
  • There is no distinction between good and bad in the introduction order of the website platform. Readers need to choose a suitable platform according to their own needs.
  • If there is any missing free platform for setting up a website, please contact us and let us know, and we will add relevant information after evaluation.
  • The article information is compiled from the official website of each platform and the Internet data of various countries.
  • The editor tries to explain the analysis project from the perspective of big data data, and some content will add subjective opinions, please forgive me.
  • These 10 websites are built on platforms that are considered worthy of recommendation after evaluation.

Website construction - analysis project

  • Query the platform information that can set up a website by yourself: including platform introduction, program fee, features, etc.
  • Analyze "Usage Functions" : Functions In addition to basic building modules, you also need to know whether there are shopping functions, expansion functions, backup functions, etc.
  • Analyze "ease of operation" : Objectively analyze whether the platform for setting up the website is easy to operate from the actual operation and comparison of Internet data.
  • Analyzing "Demand Elasticity" : From the official website and Internet data, analyze the range of flexibility in operation and style design changes.
  • Analyze "Performance" : Through actual measurement and network data comparison to understand the performance level of the free website.
  • Analysis of "Material Provided" : Contains online pictures, GIFs, and additional features that can be directly applied to the website.
  • Analysis of "SEO Function Friendliness" : Know SEO-related functions from the official website of the platform and Internet information set up by the website.

1. WordPress.com


Established: 2003

Official website: https://wordpress.com/zh-tw/

Domain service: If you purchase an annual payment plan, you can register a new domain for one year for free, and you will need to pay an additional fee to renew the domain after one year.

E-commerce function: You can install the plug-in "WooCommerce" or purchase an e-commerce solution to handle e-commerce work.

Extended functionality: Ability to install different plug-ins to complete many work items.

Backup function: You need to install a plug-in to back up, such as: UpdraftPlus, VaultPress, WPvivid, etc.

Material provision: You can install plug-ins (such as: Instant Images, Unsplash), or use WordPress Openverse to directly select photo materials in the background editing section of the website.

Suitable for website types: corporate official websites, blogs, brand image websites, etc.

basic introduction

WordPress is divided into WordPress.com and WordPress.org , the official will provide a free website design template, users can directly edit the background page, and install the website in the WordPress virtual host. In addition, there is also a free plan to set up a website so that users can set up a website without spending money, but the disadvantage is that there are more restrictions and advertisements will be placed on the website. It is recommended that if you want to unlock more functions, you may wish to consider Using WordPress.org has a high degree of freedom and is suitable for long-term operation, but it will require an additional purchase of a domain name and host.

Set up a website plan

WordPress.com's website building plans are divided into: free, personal, advanced, business, e-commerce and enterprise plans. The free plan can set up a website, and provides 1GB storage space, basic content management system and blog service and other functions ;Other paid versions will provide advanced features and benefits of different depths according to the amount of money, as well as give users a free domain name and information security protection measures for one year.

WordPress.com plan

Analysis of website construction

WordPress.com supports multiple languages, and the functional classification is clear and easy to operate, so the free plan is recommended for novices to create basic, simple websites with few pages , and paid expansion resources are also quite rich, the disadvantages are that there will be advertisement placement, and the SEO setting function is not complete. In addition, the interface change flexibility is also quite high. You can rewrite and write customized layout or module functions, and you can connect multiple marketing tools and third-party services through tool functions, such as: Google Analytics 4, Monday.com, Bench, etc., if the user has exported the content of the old website, he can directly complete the data import and migration work on WordPress.com; if the needs of setting up the website are more detailed and diverse, he can use the paid version with the expansion function to have a complete Data management, editing effects.

SEO function analysis

The free plan for setting up a website provides basic content format settings such as block titles, image alternative text, tags, categories, content summaries, and custom URLs. If you want to do in-depth SEO optimization editing (such as making a Sitemap file), you will recommend installing a plug-in done. Overall, WordPress' SEO and architecture is good and accessible to the masses.

Website PSI architecture detection

Through the website PSI structure detection, you can roughly test and understand the SEO structure capability and performance of the website, and randomly test several companies The scores of WordPress-based websites are all in the middle , and have a basic SEO framework.

WordPress.com PSI

2. Editor X

Editor X

Established: 2021

Official website: https://www.editorx.com/

Domain service: You need to purchase a plan to enjoy a free dedicated domain for one year, and you need to pay for renewal after one year.

E-commerce function: The official website has an e-commerce function, and this function needs to be added to the website.

Extensions: Officially, there are a small number of extensions that require an additional fee for use.

Backup function: the system will automatically back up.

Material provision: The background editor can choose free picture material.

Suitable for website types: designer websites, corporate official websites, brand image official websites, agency websites, etc.

basic introduction

Editor X is WIX's new editor platform , it is advocated that it is specially designed for front-end designers and brand agents. The functions of the design surface are relatively detailed. In the intuitive design editing area, creators can directly convert the idea of style configuration into production results, so it is more suitable for design. Used by professionals.

Set up a website plan

The website building plans of Editor X are divided into: basic, super, and superior version plans, in addition to providing different plan contents for e-commerce and enterprise websites. The free plan cannot be dedicated to the domain forever, the storage space is only 500MB, and the functions will be limited , the biggest difference in the paid function of the website is that you can enjoy different storage space sizes, which are relatively upgraded for basic functions.

Editor X program

Analysis of website construction

Because Editor X is developed for front-end designers as the main customer group, it also pays more attention to the details of design aesthetics, so it is more flexible to add block-style custom editing program code , you can also freely adjust the color, opacity, animation, and typography elements in the layout. It will be more difficult for this platform to make more complicated designs.

SEO function analysis

Editor X can set the URL, title format, META description, page label, structured data, whether to open the index, meta tags, image alt text, etc. , and has the function of managing the website. In addition to monitoring website traffic data analysis, communication functions, orders, etc., it can also integrate marketing projects such as SEO, EDM, social media advertising, and Google Ads.

Website PSI architecture detection

Editor X builds a website that passes the PSI framework test and gets a lower score , mainly affected by third-party code and images, and structured data can be added manually in the advanced SEO function of individual web pages.

3. Yola.com


Established: 2007

Official website: https://www.shopify.com/tw

Domain service: You can have a domain for one year for free with the purchase plan, and you need to pay an extra fee to renew the domain after one year.

E-commerce function: built-in contains e-commerce related functions.

Extended functions: Officially, there are extended program functions that require an additional fee.

Backup function: no automatic backup.

Material provision: The background editing function provides free picture material.

Suitable website types: portfolio websites, small e-commerce websites, small-scale corporate brand image websites, etc.

basic introduction

Yola.com currently serves more than 200 countries , initially mainly assisting small and medium-sized enterprises to set up websites and provide website hosting services. The website setting function is a newly created function in the later stage. It is advocated that users hope to use block templates to quickly build websites. Many users call him Little Weebly, the functions of both are simple and similar.

Set up a website plan

Yola.com's website building plans are divided into: free version, Bronze, Sliver, Gold version, and there is also an e-commerce paid version. The free website building plan can create two groups of websites, add two languages, and enjoy 1GB of storage space, but the disadvantage is that only basic functions can be used, and there is no dedicated domain, which is more restrictive. The paid version will provide different levels of advanced features according to the plan, including the ability to customize CSS and Javascipt code, own a dedicated domain, visitor data analysis, etc.

Yola.com Program

Analysis of website construction

Yola.com can add multiple languages, and the system will automatically translate the website , and the layout design is less flexible, mainly based on templates to edit block text, color, title format and other details. There is an independent e-commerce editing page in the background of the website, which can additionally edit product content, marketing analysis tools, payment method settings, logistics settings, and a link function that can quickly sell products on the community, allowing users to Users do not need to go to another platform for cumbersome settings.

SEO function analysis

The SEO function of Yola.com can not only perform 301 forwarding, write META title and description, customize URL, img alt, title format and other basic settings , The website settings also set up the GA4 and GSC connection functions to help users quickly connect marketing tools and analyze them. The disadvantage is that the content is replaced mainly through templates, so it is difficult to create a page content structure that is more in line with SEO.

Website PSI architecture detection

Yola.com's PSI architecture test score is about medium , the performance is mainly affected by the third-party code, and the code of the page is fixed and cannot be changed, but it is no problem to manually add structured data for each page.

Yola.com PSI

4. Wix


Established: 2006

Official website: https://zh.wix.com/

Domain service: You can create a domain name for free, and you can have a free domain certificate for one year if you purchase a plan.

E-commerce function: It can be obtained by purchasing the business advanced plan, and cannot be used for free.

Extended functions: Plug-in programs can be installed to complete different work items, but there are only about 200 program types available for installation.

Backup function: There is an automatic backup function.

Material provision: By installing tools in the Wix App Store, you can get free material, such as: pictures, sound effects, etc.

Suitable for website types: corporate official websites, blogs, personal portfolio websites, small-scale brand image websites, etc.

basic introduction

Wix has hundreds of free website building templates to use , the main purpose is to quickly and easily set up a beautiful and professional website, and at the same time store the website directly in Wix's virtual host, and provide a one-stop service for setting up a website, including website application, design, management, editing, etc., with button-based editing Adding webpage content with a browser tool can be operated without knowing the programming language, and it is a very intuitive platform to use.

Set up a website plan

Wix's website building plans are divided into: Free, Linked Domain, Portfolio, Unlimited, VIP & Business and eCommerce plans. Although the free plan can build a website, it is more suitable for setting up a website test. There are bandwidth restrictions, advertisements will appear on the website, no personal domain name, and insufficient storage space. Basic content management, editing and other functions will still be provided ; The paid version will provide different levels of analysis, customer service, storage space, trademark files and other services according to different monthly plans , and can also enjoy the function of custom domain name and free SSL digital certificate.

Wix plan

Wix plan 1

Analysis of website construction

The biggest advantage of Wix is that the background operation functions are complete and rich, and the categories are clearly marked, which can quickly and intuitively create a finished website , suitable for people who have not operated the background of the website. Tools such as Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads commonly used by marketers can directly set up one-click links; the content of websites that originally applied for Google merchants can be quickly integrated and set up through Wix’s built-in system. The disadvantage is that the website is semi-closed, and the content of the website cannot be directly exported, so it will be time-consuming to move the website. In addition, it will be difficult to change the layout after the layout is confirmed, and some data will easily be lost.

SEO function analysis

Wix's SEO basic functions have a separate setting function block set on the content editor page , you can write META data, custom URLs, structured data markup, labels, image alt text, title format, social media sharing interface style and information settings, etc. In addition, the expansion function also provides applications that can speed up website loading speed, keyword analysis and combined AI functions.

Website PSI architecture detection

Randomly tested several official websites of companies that set up websites through Wix, and the scores are all in the middle , the loading speed is acceptable, and the structured data of the SEO website can also be set in the background editor of each page, which is quite convenient and intuitive to operate.


5. Weebly


Established: 2007

Official website: https://www.weebly.com/?lang=zh_TW

Domain service: You can register a domain for free, and you can enjoy a free one-year domain if you purchase a plan, and you will need to pay an additional fee to renew the domain after one year.

E-commerce functions: You can use the basic functions of e-commerce for free, or pay to upgrade advanced functions.

Extended functions: There are plug-ins for marketing, e-commerce, other tools, communities, etc. that can be installed.

Backup function: The backup file can be downloaded to the computer and other hardware.

Material provision: You can go to the app store to install extended functions such as pictures and icons, or choose pictures from the online photo library in the background.

Suitable for website types: portfolio websites, small e-commerce websites, blogs, small-scale corporate brand image websites, etc.

basic introduction

At present, more than 50 million websites in the world use Weebly to build websites. Weebly originally only provided basic website page functions. After being acquired by the financial company Square in 2018, it established an e-commerce website function. Users can use drag-and-drop editing tools to easily edit the layout of computers and mobile devices. The background functions are simple and clear.

Set up a website plan

Weebly's website building plans are divided into: free, personal version, advanced version, professional version, and display plan. Each plan will provide users with different levels of functions in terms of website functions, e-commerce, marketing, support for free functions and services, such as: custom domain, free domain, etc. The free plan can set up a basic website, and provides 500MB storage space, basic content editing and management functions.

Weebly plan

Analysis of website construction

If the user is using Weebly to set up an e-commerce website, they can use the official APP to track, edit and manage the website. Most of the interface template designs are simple, with few styles to choose from. In addition, block-based editing and simple functions are available. Although many website elements can be added to the screen, the style design cannot be adjusted too much. Relocation is not easy, and it is more suitable for users who have a small website and want to set up a website quickly.

SEO function analysis

Weebly doesn't have many SEO features , provides META data filling, 301 forwarding settings, other settings such as title format, custom URL, image alt, etc. cannot be implemented, which is not friendly to users who need SEO marketing. If you want to add tools such as navigation bar function, auxiliary web page loading speed, key auxiliary analysis, etc., you can use the extension program to achieve it.

Website PSI architecture detection

The performance score of the website built through Weebly is low , the loading speed is not fast, the website does not have its own structured information and cannot be added manually, and the PSI structure is relatively incomplete, so it is not recommended for people who want to engage in SEO.

Weebly PSI

6. Strikingly


Established: 2012

Official website: https://tw.strikingly.com/

Domain service: The free plan presets a non-personal exclusive domain. If you purchase the plan, you can enjoy a free domain for one year and provide an SSL certificate.

E-commerce features: You can choose an e-commerce website interface template, the free plan can enjoy basic functions, and advanced functions need to be paid.

Extensions: No extensions can be installed.

Backup function: There is no function of website backup, and similar effects can only be achieved by duplicating website content.

Material provision: You can use the official image library to select photo materials in the editing section of the website background.

Suitable website types: one-page corporate official website (free plan), or blog, corporate brand image website, e-commerce website (paid plan), etc.

basic introduction

Strikingly is a Chinese company. Because it mainly focuses on the Chinese market, it supports a relatively complete Chinese interface. , the interface is easy to operate and the website can be managed through the APP. Compared with other website building tools, the scale is relatively small, and the popularity in Europe and the United States is relatively low. In addition, the website template styles that can be selected are diverse, and the layout styles are all simple and fashionable.

Set up a website plan

Strikingly's website building plans are divided into: free, basic, professional, and VIP package plans. The free plan offers 500MB of storage space, Basic page content management system and e-commerce information editing functions, the number of pages that can be created is limited , and the domain is held by Strikingly; other paid versions will provide different advanced functions and services according to different plans, such as: site search, custom form, increase the number of products that can be put on the shelf, custom embed code, bounce Windows functions, etc.

Strikingly program

Analysis of website construction

Strikingly's free plan has limited functions, and the number of pages that can be added is not much , so the following will analyze the solutions provided by the paid plan. The biggest feature of Strikingly is that you can join co-producers to help improve the efficiency of website construction; it is also very convenient to embed videos, and the embedding work is completed after entering the URL. In addition, the layout design is mainly made by adding new sections. If you want to have a larger layout adjustment, you will need to modify the code to complete it. It is not friendly to users who do not understand the code; and emphasizes e-commerce. The function of Strikingly divides product types into three categories: physical, service, and download products, and provides corresponding data filling fields for basic information editing and management.

SEO function analysis

Strikingly has basic functions such as META narrative writing, custom domain, image alt text, quick reverse link creation, basic data analysis tools, site search, navigation bar, and marketing tool chaining , but the settings such as Sitemap production and title format cannot be performed, and it is also difficult to arrange the content of the web page to conform to the logic of the SEO page structure.

Website PSI architecture detection

The PSI result score of the Strikingly website is relatively low , but the website initially has a basic SEO structure. If the website plan has a paid upgrade, you can customize the structured information of each page to make the SEO structure of the web page more complete.

Strikingly PSI

7. Webflow


Established: 2013

Official website: https://webflow.com/

Domain service: The purchase plan can have a dedicated domain.

E-commerce function: Built-in includes e-commerce function.

Extensions: Extensions can be added through the official website, the chrome online application store, or the official website of third-party extensions.

Backup function: You can back up the website from the "Backup" in the background settings of the website, and it will be automatically backed up at the same time.

Material provision: no material is provided by itself, you need to search for materials on the website before uploading.

Suitable for website types: corporate official website, blog, brand image website, one-page website, etc.

basic introduction

Webflow is a website construction company established in California, USA. It is a design software with a high degree of freedom, interface and operation logic similar to Adobe XD and figma , and is praised and loved by designers as a build tool. Users who are familiar with HTML and CSS codes can get started quickly, and it also provides no code modification function.

Set up a website plan

Webflow's basic website building plans are divided into: free, basic, CMS, business, and enterprise plan. The free plan is able to set up the website, and provides 1GB storage space, basic content management system, can store 50 sets of CMS items in the database and other functions; Other paid versions will provide different levels of advanced functions and storage space according to the plan, and can output code, customize code, join co-editors, etc.

Webflow scheme

Analysis of website construction

When building a website with Webflow, the files and edited content uploaded by users will be converted into a simple code structure , in addition, you can also refer to the website works of other designers at home and abroad to expand the range of customized editing codes. In addition to writing the programming language yourself, you can also use a full-featured and detailed editor to create different The disadvantage of a website with a sense of design is that the interface is in English and is complicated, so it is not suitable for users who set up their own websites for the first time. In addition, the Webflow e-commerce function can use design templates, or self-made purchase path page styles, and connect emails and marketing tools such as Google Analytics 4 to track traffic and purchase related data information.

SEO function analysis

Webflow can edit SEO information in the background, such as: META description, page title format, image ALT, adding internal links, making navigation bar, adding CTA, etc., and at the same time conforms to the structure of SEO web pages, and can assist digital through third-party programs Marketing, the disadvantage is that there are no built-in digital marketing analysis tools. In addition, the feature of high design flexibility brings users the advantage of maximizing optimization and adjustment, and can obtain the opportunity of actually high conversion rate; An organized code structure also allows search engines to easily understand the content of the website, which helps to improve the ranking of search engines (such as: Google).

Website PSI architecture detection

Webflow builds a website through the website PSI structure detection tool, and the performance score is about medium , the website itself does not have structured information, and the SEO structure code must be added through the code editing block of the user to the background.

Webflow PSI

8. Squarespace


Established: 2004

Official website: https://www.squarespace.com/

Domain service: You must purchase a plan to register a dedicated domain for free, and you will need to pay an additional fee to renew the domain after one year.

E-commerce function: The website itself has its own e-commerce setting function.

Extended functions: The official website provides a small number of plug-ins for use.

Backup function: The system will make a copy for the automatic backup website, and can import and export relevant data.

Material provision: You can install official plug-ins, or purchase personally developed extensions to use.

Suitable website types: official websites of small and medium enterprises, simple e-commerce websites, portfolio websites, photography blogs, text blogs, brand image websites, etc.

basic introduction

Squarespace Website Hosting and Web Hosting Company in New York, USA . Since the platform is mainly in English, it is used by more people in Europe and the United States, and is less well-known in Asia. The produced website interface is more artistic and minimalist, and is very popular with designers, cultural and creative or independent brand operators, and photographers. The main audience is personal brand operators, small and medium-sized enterprises, and freelancers.

Set up a website plan

Squarespace's website building plans are divided into: free, personal, business, e-commerce basic and advanced plans. The free plan is limited to a 14-day trial and cannot have a dedicated domain. Different payment plans will provide different advanced levels of core, e-commerce, marketing functions and benefits, such as: SSL certificate, SEO enhancement settings, custom CSS and Javascript, free domain registration, etc.

Squarespace plan

Analysis of website construction

Squarespace sets up the website interface all in English , supports multi-person collaborative production, and has design templates, mobile device interface preview functions, and provides specific block templates for different purposes. Actual operation The background of the website setup feels that the use of intuition is not high, but the functional classification is simple, and you can quickly find the items you want to use. The operation logic is relatively fresh and emphasizes the aesthetics of the design. It is suitable for novices who want to make websites related to design and art. use.

SEO function analysis

Squarespace has 404 custom pages, custom slug URLs, META descriptions, image alt text and other basic SEO settings fields , In recent years, system updates have slowly added SEO content, but overall Squarespace still pays more attention to design. In addition, the analysis function focuses on the e-commerce part, focusing on the analysis of marketing funnels, product revenue, etc., and also presents basic data such as page views, button clicks, and conversion rates. If you want to view detailed website data, there are also built-in links to Google Search Console, features of marketing tools such as Google Ads.

Website PSI architecture detection

The PSI architecture score test results of using Squarespace to build a website are not high , mainly because third-party code affects speed. In addition, the website itself has a basic SEO structure, and Squarespace cannot add more complete structured information for each page.

Squarespace PSI

9. Webnode


Established: 2008

Official website: https://www.webnode.com/zh/

Domain service: The purchase plan can register a new domain for one year for free, and an additional fee will be required to renew after one year.

E-commerce function: The official has an exclusive payment plan for e-commerce website functions.

Extended function: No plug-in program can be used.

Backup function: The system will automatically back up the content of the website at three o'clock in the morning every day after purchasing the advanced service.

Material provision: The background of the website has a picture material database.

Suitable website types: small personal entrepreneurial e-commerce websites, blog websites, etc.

basic introduction

Webnode is a Czech company. The platform supports nearly 30 languages including traditional Chinese, with more than 40 million users , the template design provided is quite satisfactory, which can meet the needs of general use, and mainly uses the block click command to edit the web page design, without the need for transparent code production, and the function and operation management interface are also quite simple and simple, so it is suitable for novice website erection and use .

Set up a website plan

Webnode's general basic website building plans are divided into: free, basic, mini, professional and standard plans. If you want to set up an e-commerce website, you can also consider the advanced plan service of the online mall, which is divided into standard, commercial, Professional program. The free plan provides basic website content input functions, 100MB storage space, cannot customize the domain name, and the website will also have a Webnode watermark ; The paid version of the basic website will give a one-year free domain, the benefits of customizing an exclusive domain, and will also have more data storage space, setting function unlocking, basic traffic statistics and other functions.

Webnode scheme

Analysis of website construction

Webnode is very convenient for editing websites and related settings. The operation interface is simple, and most of the production can be completed through settings and screen clicks and drags. , another major feature is that if you want to switch the page you want to edit, you can directly click the item on the screen to enter the page to adjust the design and content, and you can also check whether there is a problem with the website path at the same time. The built-in template design is relatively standard, and there is almost no scope for customization and adjustment. For users who want to conduct professional and large-scale e-commerce marketing, Webnode's functions are relatively incomplete, and the construction speed is not fast. It is suitable for personal studios with a small number of products.

SEO function analysis

Webnode's SEO editor feature column is obvious, intuitive, functionally focused and easy to operate , provides basic functions such as META description of each page, custom URL, hidden page settings from search engines, indexing, marketing tools, website and web page header and footer HTML editing, image replacement text and other basic functions, which are convenient for users to use The user can quickly manage the SEO of the website, but the more advanced Sitemap and title format cannot be created. Due to the low flexibility, this part of the function is a bit of a fly in the ointment.

Website PSI architecture detection

After the Webnode erected the website and passed the test, it can be known that the performance score is not high , Most of them are affected by Javascipt and third-party codes. In addition, the website itself does not have an SEO framework. Users can only manually add structured data codes in the background.

Webnode PSI

10. Ucraft


Established: 2014

Official website: https://www.ucraft.com/

Domain service: If you purchase a paid advanced plan, you can register a dedicated domain for one year for free.

E-commerce functions: Built-in functions related to e-commerce.

Expansion function: no plug-in program can be expanded.

Backup function: It has an automatic backup function.

Material provision: Photos and pattern materials can be selected in the background editing section of the website.

Suitable for website types: corporate official website, small e-commerce website, blog website, brand image website, etc.

basic introduction

Ucraft is an American company, and is less well-known in the Chinese market , which currently has nearly 360,000 users, focuses on developing simple and convenient website tools, so that users do not need to use program coding and play design aesthetics. As long as they set functions, they can create website content with the simple beauty and necessary Nordic style.

Set up a website plan

Ucraft's website building plans are divided into: free, professional version website, professional version store, unlimited version plan. The free plan can only perform basic content management, and the paid version will provide different advanced functions and benefits according to the plan , such as: basic content editing functions, code embedding, custom fonts, membership functions, e-commerce, data analysis management, etc.

Ucraft program

Analysis of website construction

In the process of making a website, Ucraft can add and edit page types through the layout structure tree diagram. The content editing functions in the page are diverse, and many templates are also provided. , but the disadvantage is that it is not intuitive to use, the number of templates is small, and the degree of customization is relatively low. In addition, Ucraft’s featured tools include self-designed LOGO, or the system can automatically generate LOGO styles, page switching effects, social platform integration and other functions can create website details; there are also many types of serialization tools and built-in third-party tools. Including: marketing tools GA4, Messenger, Hubspot, etc.

SEO function analysis

Ucraft background can add and edit navigation bar, title format, 404 page production, website and web page header and footer HTML editing, picture ALT, META title and description, noindex setting, Sitemap setting, 301 forwarding setting, etc. And by connecting with GA4, you can understand more detailed marketing data, Overall, Ucraft provides quite a lot of related function settings in terms of SEO, and the operation is quite intuitive and convenient.

Website PSI architecture detection

The results of Ucraft's website PSI architecture test scores are all medium to high , the performance score will definitely be improved after the image compression part is slightly enhanced, and the website itself has a basic SEO structure, and it is impossible to manually add more detailed structured information for each page.

Ucraft PSI

Website construction - analysis and summary

The 10 recommended platforms for setting up websites all have built-in e-commerce functions, and one of them can use e-commerce functions by installing extensions. If users want to use free website building tools, it is recommended to use the above 10 website building platforms recommended by us, Learn about the cost plan, the ease of operation, the editing functions provided (such as: design interface, SEO), template style, etc. However, most of the free website construction performance is relatively poor, and it does not necessarily include the function of custom writing code, and the SEO function may not be complete, but Executing SEO pays great attention to website structure, website content and website links, all three are indispensable , if you want to implement SEO, it is recommended to choose a web design company that can make a "college website". Accumulate website weight and traffic at a good starting point from the very beginning of the website, and save the cost of purchasing extensions, renewing the website, erecting the platform and renewing the subscription.

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Comparison table of tools for building 10 common websites
type E-commerce function Degree of customization extension SEO performance SEO function
WordPress.com You can install plug-ins or purchase e-commerce solutions higher There are plug-ins for installation medium There are basic SEO functions, and the rest can be assisted by installing plug-ins
Editor X E-commerce services can be built in, and upgrade functions can be purchased moderately high There is an official extension available lower Has basic SEO and SEO monitoring and management functions
Yola.com Built-in e-commerce service, upgrade function can be purchased lower There are official paid extensions available medium Provides basic functionality
Wix Need to purchase plan to use medium There are some official extensions that can be installed medium Provide basic functions and related extensions
Weebly Some features are available for free, others are subject to payment lower There are a few official extensions that can be installed lower less basic functions
Strikingly Some features are available for free, others are subject to payment medium no extensions lower Provides basic functionality
Webflow Built-in e-commerce function higher There are official and personal development extensions available medium There are basic functions and extension programs available, and the functions are relatively complete
Squarespace Built-in e-commerce function lower There are a few extensions to install lower Provides basic functionality
webnode Some features are available for free, others are subject to payment almost impossible to customize no extensions lower Provides basic functions, easy and fast operation
Ucraft Built-in e-commerce function lower no extensions high Complete functions and easy operation

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