In order to protect the copyright of the Daric website, Darek is owned by "Datie Creative Integration Co., Ltd.", we hereby formulate this copyright policy, specifying the various copyrights of related websites, please confirm that you have reviewed it before using the services of this website And agree to all the terms listed in this copyright policy, if you do not agree to all or part of them, please stop using the services of this website immediately.

1. Scope of application of this copyright policy

Da-rank website (including and its sub-domains, all content published on the website operated by Da-rank, including but not limited to: text, photos, images, illustrations, audio recordings, audio-visual files, files, websites Screen arrangement, web design, animation and other materials, unless otherwise noted, their works are protected by the Copyright Law of the Republic of China, international copyright treaties and laws related to intellectual property rights in various countries. Intellectual property rights include but not limited to: trademark rights, patent rights Copyright, trade secrets and know-how, etc.

2. Matters related to copyright

  • The intellectual property rights of the contents of this website are owned by Darek (Datie Creative Integration Co., Ltd.), or other content providers authorized to use the Darek website.
  • Unless otherwise stipulated by the law or authorized by the operating unit of the website to which Darek belongs, users are not allowed to download, repost or reproduce the content of Darek’s website in other ways, nor edit, change, edit in any form , distribution, public broadcast, public transmission, resale, lease, conversion, dissemination, public performance, public display, public screening, etc. to provide to the public. Users are also not allowed to use part or all of the content and services on Darek's website for profit, otherwise the user shall be solely responsible.
  • For general personal use, any website linking to Darek’s website does not require the consent of this website. However, the link must clearly indicate the source name of the website. If the link will mislead users or the link will cause users to confuse and mistakenly believe that there is a commercial relationship with the website , Darek will not allow this link, please be sure to contact Darek to confirm.
  • Darek's website may provide or build relevant links to third-party webpages. The webpages or materials pointed to by these links are all provided by the linked websites, and the relevant rights are those websites, content providers or legal rights. Owned by the owner of Darek's website, the website does not guarantee its authenticity, correctness, timeliness, completeness or legality.
  • The interpretation and application of this statement, as well as related disputes, shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China (excluding the provisions of foreign laws that should be applied in accordance with the Law on the Application of Foreign-related Civil Laws). Any disputes over this statement shall be subject to the Intellectual Property Court as the jurisdictional court of first instance.

3. Content authorization method

3-1. Scope of authorization

Da-Rank's website includes and its sub-domains, and all content published on the website operated by Da-Rank, excluding external articles, columnists or other cooperative exchanges.

3-2. Subject matter of the authorized website

  1. article
  2. picture
  3. video
  4. other

3-3. Authorization process

  1. Applicants please contact us:
  2. The Daruike website will provide (1) authorized use agreement (2) authorized quotation within 4-7 working days
  3. Sign the authorization agreement and remit the money to "Da Tie Creative Integration Co., Ltd."
  4. Darek website sends (1) invoice (2) authorized subject
  5. The applicant shall provide website hyperlinks or other application objects to "Da Tie Creative Integration Co., Ltd." within 10 working days from the date when the authorized object is used.

3-4. Authorization regulations

  1. Unauthorized sharing and reposting of Darek articles or content, and unauthorized changes to the titles, photos, and pictures of Darek’s article content are all acts of abusing the company’s intellectual property rights without consent, and are still regarded as acts that have not been authorized by consent. And there are legal issues such as unfair competition, violation of fair trade law and trademark law, please follow the authorization application process before using.
  2. After applying for authorization, it still needs to be reviewed by the company, and the company reserves the right to agree to accept the authorized reprint.
  3. The authorization is limited to one year, and less than one year is regarded as one-year authorization. It must be removed from the website database when the expiration date expires. If you need to extend the authorization period, you need to apply again.
  4. Only non-exclusive authorization is provided, and the applicant is the direct authorizer. Sub-authorization or sub-authorization is prohibited, and no third-party use is allowed. If the applicant uses it beyond the scope of authorization, the company may directly terminate the authorization agreement and notify the applicant to remove it immediately, and the applicant shall be responsible for compensation or compensation for its damages.
  5. The company only enjoys the photographic copyright property rights of photos and the audiovisual copyright property rights of audio-visual works. Therefore, apart from the application of the person being photographed, the applicant should first obtain the photo authorization or the portrait rights of the characters in the film, and the company has no right to authorize.
  6. All kinds of picture materials used on the Daruike website, including but not limited to paid gallery and free gallery, have been authorized. The company has neither consent nor the right to consent to the authorization. Please do not use it to avoid violating intellectual property laws and copyright laws.
  7. When publishing the authorized subject, the content must be kept complete, the article must not be modified, and advertising and promotional information must be inserted. The author and source must be indicated, and "this content is authorized by the Daruike website, and cannot be reproduced without consent" . If there is any special Please let us know in advance if you need to edit, modify, or place advertisements, and you will be paid by advertising business.
  8. If the content of the article or video is changed due to time and space background, and the information of the characters in the article is inconsistent with the current situation, Darek is not responsible for the modification. At the bottom of each article, "Editor's Note: This article was published in XXXX, and the background of the people, events, and objects in the article may have been adjusted or changed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused."
  9. Darek has clearly stated in the copyright statement that "unauthorized reprinting is prohibited". , all need to apply to the company for legal authorization.”