In order to respect the privacy and protection of personal data, we would like to formulate this privacy policy to set out how the relevant websites collect, process and use your personal data. Before using the services of this website, please confirm that you have reviewed and agreed to all the terms listed in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to all or part of them, please stop using the services of this website immediately.

1. Scope of application of this Privacy Policy

The company's privacy policy and the notices it contains are only applicable to the website owned and operated by Datie Creative Integration Co., Ltd., and not to other companies or individuals not owned or controlled by the company. There may be many links or services provided by other partners in the relevant websites of Darek’s website. For the privacy statements and notices related to personal data protection of these linked websites or partner websites, please refer to the linked websites or partner sites.

2. Matters to be notified in the Personal Data Protection Act

  • Name of collection agency: Datie Creative Integration Co., Ltd.
  • Collection purposes: customer and member management services, business and technical information, online shopping and other e-commerce services, marketing of the company's related websites and products, statistical investigation and analysis, information and database management.
  • Personal data category: identification (name, address, contact number, email address), social situation (interests, leisure, lifestyle, consumption patterns, etc.), other (emails, website messages, track information automatically recorded by the system) wait).
  • Period of use of personal data: The related websites of Datie creative integration may permanently use such personal data during the operation period, but if it is otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, the regulations shall be followed.
  • Areas where personal information is used: the places where the company conducts business and host servers are located, currently mainly in Taiwan.
  • Objects of use of personal data: the company and the company's business partners (including but not limited to suppliers, couriers, logistics providers and other fulfillment assistants or agents); if the company and other manufacturers jointly collect, it will be It is specified in the joint collection activities.
  • Personal data utilization method: use automated machines or other non-automated methods in compliance with relevant laws and regulations on personal data protection.
  • Ways of exercising personal data rights: According to Article 3 of the Personal Information Law, you may request: query, read or make a copy of your personal data, but the company may charge necessary costs; supplement or correction, but you Appropriate explanations must be made; stop collecting, processing or using, or delete, but this is not limited to those necessary for the company to perform business according to law. You can contact us (in order to avoid missing messages from the email system or failure to receive it for other reasons, the company's reply shall prevail), and the company will deal with your request as soon as possible after receiving your request.
  • Instructions for optional personal information: If the company collects personal information, if the relevant web pages or documents indicate that it is optional, it is only to provide you with a better experience in using this website and will not affect your rights to use this website.

3. Disclosure of personal data

The company may publish some of the information on this website on your community activity information page through Facebook or similar community service systems after obtaining your consent. If you do not agree to the release of such information, please do not click Agree button, or remove such information through the membership mechanism of each community service afterwards or refuse to continue to publish relevant information on this website.
The personal data obtained by Datie creative integration related websites will be provided to third parties outsourced to Datie creative integration related websites (including but not limited to suppliers and providing logistics, express delivery, cash flow or event gifts, display product manufacturers and other performance assistants or agents) within the scope of the specific purpose announced.
Datie creative integration related websites will never sell, exchange or rent your personal data to other groups or individuals, only for internal processing and use, except for the following situations, and dtie creative integration related websites It is also not necessary to inform the user in advance:

  • It is necessary to share your information with others or companies in order to provide the products or services you want.
  • Based on legal regulations or the requirements of judicial authorities and other competent authorities based on legal procedures.
  • To safeguard national security, promote public interest, and prevent major harm to the rights and interests of others.
  • In order to avoid the danger of the user's life, body, freedom or property, it is beneficial to the rights and interests of the parties concerned.
  • With the written consent or authorization of the user himself.
  • Based on a good faith belief that disclosure is required by law.
  • The change of the person responsible for operating this website is to transfer the user's membership information and transaction records to the subsequent person responsible for operating this website in order to allow users to continue to use the services of this website.
  • For the purpose of maintaining and improving website services and for administration purposes.
  • In order to protect the privacy of users, related websites integrated by Datie Creative cannot query the account information of other users for individuals. If there are relevant legal issues and need to consult other users’ information, please be sure to file a criminal complaint with the police department first. The company will fully cooperate with the prosecution The police and the judiciary provide all relevant information for the investigation and handling of the case to assist in the investigation and resolution of the case.
  • In order to provide other services or preferential rights, when the related websites of Datie creative integration need to share your personal information with the third party who provides the service or preferential, we will provide a full explanation and inform you during the activity, and you are free to choose whether to accept or not This service or offer.

4. Marketing campaigns and reminders

To the extent permitted by law, we will use your information for marketing activities. For example:
When you use our website to order goods, become a member, enter information on the shopping page or provide us with your contact information, we may use your contact information to send you electronic newsletters about our products and services in order to provide useful shopping Information for you. With your consent, we may send regular promotional alerts by email. You may opt-out of receiving marketing campaigns at any time by using the "unsubscribe" link in the offer alert or notification. Or you can also contact us (in order to avoid missing messages from the email system or being unreceived for other reasons, subject to receipt of our reply) to unsubscribe from the newsletter.
Based on the information you provide to us, we may provide you with personalized offers on our website, mobile applications, third-party websites or other social media sites. These offers may be offers you order directly from the site, offers from third-party sites, or products that may be of interest to you.
If you are unable to complete the ordering steps when ordering products online, we may send you a reminder notification so that you can continue to complete the order.
Please note that order confirmations, newsletters and customer satisfaction surveys we send after you complete an order are not marketing communications. These messages are part of the ordering process. Therefore, even if you are not subscribed to the offers newsletter, you will still receive them.

5. Cookie technology

For the convenience of users, related websites of Datie creative integration may use cookie technology in order to provide services that are more suitable for users' personal needs; cookie is a technology used by the website server to communicate with the user's browser, and it may be used in store certain information on the user's computer.
The website related to Datie creative integration will write and read Cookies in your browser under the following circumstances:
1. In order to provide better and more personalized services and to facilitate your participation in personalized interactive activities, such as storing your preferred field-specific information, or storing passwords, so that you do not have to go every time when you go to Datie Creative to integrate related websites Enter the password again.
2. To count the number of visitors and analyze browsing patterns to understand the status of web browsing and serve as a reference for website improvement services.
You can choose to modify the acceptance level of Cookies in your browser, including accepting all Cookies, being notified when Cookies are set, rejecting all Cookies, etc. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some personalized services or participate in some activities.
In addition, relevant websites related to Datie creative integration will keep relevant records generated by the server when users browse or inquire online, including the IP address of the connection, the time of use, the browser used, the information browsed and clicked, and records etc. These data are used for the total analysis of the company's internal website traffic and network behavior surveys, so as to improve the service quality of related websites integrated by Datie Creative. The website related to Datie creative integration only analyzes the sum of the behavior of all users, and does not analyze individual users.

6. Confidentiality and Security

Your personal information is strictly kept in the Datie creative integrated database system. At the same time, anyone must obtain and use data under the data authorization management regulations stipulated by Datie Creative Integration. People who are not within the scope of authorization cannot obtain information through the authorization control system.
Datie creatively integrates related websites to maintain the security of personal data with reasonable technology and procedures that meet industry standards.
Please keep your password and/or any personal information safe, and do not provide any personal information, especially the password, to anyone. If you share your computer with others or use a public computer, please remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal information or letters.

7. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

The company has the right to modify or change the content of this policy at any time, and may publish it on the appropriate webpage of the relevant website of Datie Creative Integration after the revision without individual notice. Please read the revised Privacy Policy and related notices, and you are advised to pay attention to such modifications or changes at any time. If you continue to use the relevant websites integrated by Datie Creative after any modification or change, it is deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to accept such modification or change. If you do not agree with the content of this policy, or if your country or region excludes all or part of the content of this policy, you should stop using it immediately.

8. Privacy policy consultation

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or related matters related to personal data, please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.