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It is mainly to write copywriting according to customer needs, because this is a ranking article, so it is not writing a novel, writing an essay, let alone a composition competition, the article needs to have an SEO structure, so every article has to cooperate with an SEO consultant, and the content of the work needs to be good at A writer who specializes in communication and adjustment.
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All major media, newspapers, magazines, blogs and other cooperative articles are welcome to reprint. The relevant process is as follows:

Step 1: Send the title of the article to be reprinted, the website address and the website to be published to Darrick , and the subject of the letter should be "[Reprint Application] Application for reprinting the article "Title of the article to be reprinted"" .

Step 2: Within three working days, the editorial team will review and evaluate the reprint requirements, and reply to you.

Step 3: When reposting, it is necessary to cooperate with setting the original URL of this site as the standard URL (Canonical), and please return the link of the article in the previous publication, and the Darek team will go to check if there is any correction.

Submission process

Please send your work to Darek , the Darek team will review the content within three working days, and arrange for publication after embellishment:

Step 1: Please write "[Article Submission] I want to contribute "Submission Title"" and send it to Darek as the subject of the letter.

Step 2: Please attach the link of the submitted article or the draft of the article with the letter, and attach the contact information, including name and email.

Step 3: After the review by Darek's editorial team, the cover image of the article will be made separately, and the title will be modified to the title that readers like.

Step 4: After the editorial team has completed the review, the edited draft of the article will be sent back to the contributor for review, and the publication time will be notified separately.

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